Usage and prices

Prices for the one-time use per motif by square meter

unlimited by time or location

for businesses B2B (Business-to-Business)

Basic feeup to 1 m²1 to 3 m²3 to 8 m²8 to 15 m²15 to 25 m²25 to 50 m²
per motifper m²per m²per m²per m²per m²per m²
Price class 175,– €9,– €8,– €7,– €6,– €5,– €4,– €
Price class 2105,– €11,– €10,– €9,– €8,– €7,– €6,– €
Price class 3145,– €13,– €12,– €11,– €10,– €9,– €8,– €
Price class 4195,– €15,– €14,– €13,– €12,– €11,– €10,– €
Price class 5245,– €17,– €16,– €15,– €14,– €13,– €12,– €
Price class 6*425,– €29,– €28,– €27,– €26,– €25,– €24,– €

All prices are in euros. Prices for additional square-meters per request. Prices do not include statutory value-added tax (VAT) of 19%. Data transfer is included in the prices

Pricing example: usage rights for one motif from price category 4 to be used for printing a transparency for a backlit surface measuring
1.20 m (W) x 3.00 m (H) = 3.6 m2, Basic fee € 195.00
+ € 46.80 (3.6 m2 x € 13.00) = € 241.00 plus VAT

Motif usage

The prices described above are valid for the one-time use measured in square meters. (*except for videos)
This one-time usage is unlimited by time or location. Additional information can be found in our terms and conditions.
Unlimited usage:
The motifs in the special series can be used multiple times and there is no limitation in terms of square meters. More information: Hole pattern Special PDF
For videos fee for use by square metre does not apply. Only the basic fee is payable for one-time use (per project). Multiple uses within a project on request.

Offers / Order confirmation / Delivery times

We would be happy to provide you with a free, nonbinding offer within a maximum of two business days. Please send your inquiries by email, fax, or use our online form located under inquiries/offers. We will process your written order within two business days, in which time you will also receive an order confirmation. Depending on the data to be processed, we require one to two business days for sizing and transfer of the data on the product producer. In cases in which prepayment has been agreed upon, we will transfer data within one business day of receiving prepayment.

Producer selection

ou may obtain offers for the desired products either from our recommended partners or naturally from a producer of your choice. Please inform us of which producer you have selected so that we may contact them should any fine-tuning of the production data be necessary.

File delivery

We coordinate with the producers when it comes to production data (resolution, cropping or trapping if necessary, etc.). This enables us to provide the best possible quality.

Sizing and data preparation

The sizing of a motif to fit a given surface in included in the usage price.

Additional fees

Re-coloring, sizing motifs for surfaces of varying sizes, or custom graphic changes are billed according to time spent at € 58.00 per hour net. Any additional costs will be described in advance in writing.

Press proofs / material tests

Depending on the media, chromaticity can vary between the motif seen on the computer monitor and on the material printed using a PC printer. The materials selected can also influence a motif’s chromaticity. For this reason, we recommend a having a press proof made prior to final production, particularly for color-sensitive projects. In this instance, we provide the selected producer with a test file in the scale selected by the customer (ca. 50 x 50 cm). In exceptional cases larger sizes can be agreed upon in advance. We charge € 35.00 net for the preparation of such a press proof file.

We would be happy to provide you with an offer free of charge and advise you in person!