Motif 41.219.1

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Motif 41.219.1
File type: 4K, FullHD, loop, 1:42 min
Category: Video
File size: 3840 (W) x 2160 (H) px
Color mode: rgb
Price class: 6

Down sample version! Due to the compression, there are some artefacts. We will gladly send you the full quality on request.


Transformations, colours, shapes – abstract slow-motion LED video art for projection or as a wall of screen panels. For high-quality productions in space.

Transitions are deliberately slow by choice. Changes should only be perceived at second glance so that they do not dominate the room but contribute to a relaxed atmosphere.

Our production partners will be happy to advise you on the technical implementation and also take care of the on-site installation of hardware and software. You can choose between displays for wall or shelf mounting, free-standing displays, displays for ceiling suspension or shop window displays, among others. Rear or front projections are also possible.

We deliver our video loops in 4K / UHD = 3840 x 2160 px, or in Full HD = 1920 x 1080 px for panoramic formats in half height. (for ultra stretch signage, panoramic LED walls, or panoramic rear projections).
Special formats or longer loops can be produced on request.

Please see usage and prices for information regarding price classes, conditions of use, and data delivery.
Please note that the appearance of a motif’s color hues and contrast are dependant on the medium. There may be a difference in appearance between a motif displayed on a computer monitor or printed on a computer printer.
All motifs are protected by copyright. © ornament-control, Kathrin Kreitmeyer