Motif 04.229.1

Data sheet
Motif 04.229.1
File type: Vector / CAD
Category: Pattern
File size: 100 (W) x 100 (H) cm
Color mode: cmyk / rgb
Scalable: Unlimited
Price class: 6

The abstract generative design consists of 3 hole sizes and is especially suitable for punching and milling. Reduction of hole sizes is possible on request. We supply production data in DXF or DWG format, CAD files for the production of perforated panels, panels made of aluminum, stainless steel, wood or composite materials. The hole pattern is suitable for individual design of facades, ceiling cladding, soundproof acoustic panels, room dividers, balcony cladding, perforated shutters, etc.

We will be happy to send you free layout files on request. (Variations of some motifs are also available, please contact us directly).

This motif is suitable for punching and milling of perforated metal sheets.
Sizes and spacing can be adapted to your projects at short notice.

More information and all motifs for punching, milling, laser cutting, water-jet cutting
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